Ever wonder what’s behind the scenes for a psychotherapist? Here’s an inside view. We very much want you to feel comfortable, accepted and cared for but know you also come to us for clinical objectivity. So we are always perfecting that balance and it’s different for each client! Clients coming to me for years may feel like old friends, but they also deserve my professional expertise. Just like you, we are works in progress. We talk to colleagues and attend workshops and read books to be on the cutting edge of treatments and new disorders and issues. We want the best for our clients but they are often not ready to take the steps to improve their lives. To deal with that frustration we need to make sure we get social support and have healthy habits. Last but not least we need to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. We’re fallible, just like any other professional and we try to learn from our mistakes. I hope this window into a therapist’s life was helpful.