Philosophy & Process

The Journey

I believe that the practice of counseling and psychotherapy can take the client on a gentle journey to their best, truest self. Clients in crisis often say they feel lost and indeed, life has caused them temporarily to lose their compass and their way in the world.

    I will listen to each client narrative to tailor a unique combination of interventions that become the journey. This endeavor offers several ways to heal and rediscover your strengths and abilities to enjoy life, from cognitive-behavioral therapy to a mind-body focus to expressive, creative work.

    Once your self-regard and self-awareness are restored, you embark on the second part of the journey, building and sustaining a new, confident and creative you.

The Process

Using a balanced focus on the past and the present, we will work together on your identified therapy goals. We will build on strengths to find solutions.

Therapy will include:

  • Attention to the connections among mind, body and community.

  • Collaboration with your internist and/or psychiatrist as necessary.

  • Utilization of journaling, collage, and/or other expressive therapies.       

I find that it usually takes working together at least once a week for 10 weeks for the process to begin to bear fruit.